Rooms of Malé Versailles

Accommodation at the Malé Versailles Hotel

Male Versailles is not only an original restaurant, but also a comfortable, four-star, modern hotel with 13 rooms decorated in the style of Provençal countryside.

The windows of the hotel offer a soothing view of the forest and the lake.

In 2021, our hotel passed official certification and was awarded international four-star hotel status.

The spa town centre is just a 10-minute walk away. The hotel was built “on a green field” at the end of 2016.

Current building technologies have made it possible to equip the hotel in accordance with the latest technical trends, while preserving its historical distinctiveness and refinement. Every detail of the rooms and lounges has been thought out and has been made with love for the rich history of Little Versailles.

A breakfast buffet is served each morning at the hotel.

No matter if you are travelling alone or with your family, whether you are on a trip or on a business trip, at the Little Versailles you will always be able to enjoy the comfort, the beautiful nature and of course taste the food in our exquisite restaurant!

With respect for tradition. With love for quality.

Room size: 20 m2

Beds: 2

Capacity: 2

Spacious modern rooms with a large bed and views of the courtyard or lake.

Each room consists of a hallway, bedroom and bathroom with shower. 

Room size: 25 m2

Beds: 2+1

Capacity: 2-3

Spacious, modern rooms with a large double bed and a sofa bed that comfortably sleeps one adult or 2 children.

Views of the courtyard or the lake.

Room size: 25 m2

Beds: 1

Capacity: 2

Spacious and modern room suitable for people with disabilities.

The bathroom is equipped to all standards to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible.


Wooden floor
Comfortable bed
Wi-Fi internet
Flat-screen HD TV
Dog friendly
Personal care products


access to all room types, access to all special offers, flexible booking conditions